The Trinamool Congress protest march in Siliguri

The Trinamool Congress protest march in Siliguri was attended by a host of stars. Everyone from Saini Ghosh to Devanshu was present. Udayan Guha was also present. All the star politicians of North Bengal were present in the Trinamool procession from Mallaguri in Siliguri to Hasmi Chowk today. In the morning, no one came to the rally called against BJP, but everyone came one by one. Mayor Gautam Dev directly arrived in Siliguri from Kolkata and joined the procession.
Saurabh Chakraborty from Udayan Guha, Sayani Ghosh from Devangshu all spoke in this meeting, Darjeeling District President Papia Ghosh and Darjeeling Trinamool Congress President Mahua Gop spoke one by one. Udayan Guha and Devanshu Chakraborty fired against BJP's John Barla and Nishith Pramanik.

All the leadership of Darjeeling District Trinamool Congress and all the Trinamool workers of Jalpaiguri district were present in this meeting. On this day, Mahua Gop and Papia Ghosh of Trinamool directly attacked BJP and CPM. They alleged that BJP is spreading the seeds of communalism in the country and state. A lot of ordinary people were also present in this day's procession.

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