Farmers are worried
There are lots of kiwi fruit hanging on the tree. But there are no buyers. Farmers in trouble. Hands on head farmers. This is the picture of Durkhola village in Garubathan block of Kalimpong district. Local residents said 4-5 years ago NABARD gave kiwi trees to some farmers of the area at a low price. From that time the farmers of this hilly village started cultivating squash, corn, cauliflower, cabbage and other vegetables as well as kiwi fruit.
Good yield starts after three years of planting. But even if the yield is good, the local farmers are facing problems because they are unable to sell the produced fruits. Sometimes this fruit is sold at the rate of 200 to 2500 taka per kg in Duars market. Doctors say that blood sugar and high blood pressure are under control by eating kiwi regularly. Kidneys are good. Farmers in trouble are now seeking government assistance.

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