Great march against BJP
This grand march is against BJP. Our protest is against communalism of BJP. This is the message given by Darjeeling District President Papia Ghosh about Udayanguh today. He said that all kinds of workers have been invited for this grand procession. Everyone come and walk together. Said the district president. Taking the Udayan Guha to the side, the district president said that the Chief Minister made lakhs of women stand on their own feet. Today is the day to return something in return.
Udayan Guha attacked BJP and said that we are Trinamool Congress party. We have to move with many thoughts in mind. So in this rally our aim will be to attack against BJP and protest all the activities of BJP. Because BJP will sell the country, we have to fight against it. Calling students, youth and women in today's mass march, come down the streets and protest. Only then will our mass march be successful.

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