Tunisha’s breakup after Shraddha Walker murder case

Nalasopara Shraddha Walker Blood

According to police sources, Shijan Khan explained his breakup with Tunisha Sharma due to the back and forth discussions that started after the case, different religions, ongoing treatment for Tunisha’s illness and the age gap between the two. Shijan said that he regretted Tunisha’s suicide.

He was worried about the atmosphere in the country after the brutal killing of Shraddha Walker in Vasai. Also in police custody, Shijan Khan has told the police that Tunisha was having ‘panic attacks’ and that they broke up due to different religions and age gap.

Shraddha’s live-in partner Aftab Poonawala killed her. Her body was dismembered and thrown in various places to erase the evidence. Later this case took a turn of ‘Love Jihad’. Shijan Khan has also informed that Tunisha Sharma had tried to commit suicide earlier.

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