300 liters of diesel stolen from a truck

The incident of theft of 300 liters of diesel from the tank of a truck parked beside a school on the national highway took place at Bothli in Mohadi taluka. The driver Ramprasad Mangaru Bawane (32, Res. Bothli) in his possession truck no. MH 35 K 3311 was erected in front of Zilla Parishad School in Bothli on Wednesday. He locked the doors of the truck and drove home. When he returned at six in the morning, he found the diesel tank lid of the truck open. When he got suspicious, he looked into the tank with the help of a torch and found that 300 liters of diesel had been dumped. The cost of this diesel is Rs 30,000 and a complaint has been lodged at Varathi Police Station.

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