Sea of ​​devotion surged in oil consecration ceremony Circulation of 68 lingams: Procession of Nandi flags in Solapur

In the presence of lakhs of devotees in Solapur on Friday, in the presence of lakhs of devotees, 68 lingams in panchkroshi were anointed with seven Nandi flags, palanquins and palanquins.

At half past eight in the morning, the first two Nandi flags arrived in front of Hirehabbu Palace. Both these Nandi flags were decorated with garlands of bashing and grooves. The Mahaarti procession was started by ritually worshiping Manakari Rajashekhar Deshmukh, Sagar Hirehabbu.

On behalf of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Muslim Brigade, flowers were showered on the procession at Bijapur Weis Chowk, and slogans of ‘Hum Sab Bhai-Bhai’ were raised.

A beautiful scene of erecting the didhwaj… On the first day of Solapur village deity Siddharameshwar Yatra, the Nandi flags set out near the Mallikarjuna temple at Bali Ves to anoint the A Linga with oil, after offering turmeric and oil to the Amritlinga, all the seven Nandi flags are brought horizontally from the Mahadwara while going around the city. After that, they are erected simultaneously while on the way.

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