Jasimath in the problem of cracks, the worry of Badrinath Dhamjatra is increasing

The problem of cracks at Joshimath has become a cause for concern. One after the other, cracks are appearing in the houses, there are wide cracks on the road as well. The administration is worried about this incident. After a few months, the Chardham Yatra will start. In the meantime, this incident has become a cause of concern, because to go to Badrinath, one has to go over Jasimat. In such a situation, it will not be safe to travel to Badrinath through Jasimath. The administration is thinking of building an alternative road. Although the work of constructing a road has started some distance away, the work has been stopped due to cracks. According to the administration, it is being considered so that the devotees can perform the Badrinath Dham yatra in a fair manner. Efforts will be made to create an alternative road keeping in mind the safety of the fans

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