Special guest Chris Gayle at Rajnandini Cup, chaos due to crowds on the field

Gayle will make his debut in Burdwan on Sunday, January 29. The Rajnandini Cup cricket tournament is organized every year at the Malir ground in Burdwan with the special initiative of local businessmen. Chris Gayle, the legendary cricketer of the Caribbean, was present as a guest this time. Chaos was created in the crowd on the field. In the past few years, various Indian star cricketers have come as guests in this tournament. Many famous cricketers came as guests. From Dilip Bank sarkar to Kapil Dev, Harbhajan Singh, Gautam Gambhir. Apart from this, another legendary Caribbean batsman Brian Lara also came as a guest. Rajnandini Cup is a popular tennis ball tournament in the district. Caribbean cricket star Brian Lara came to the Rajnandini Cup in 2020. This time, cricket’s big hitter Chris Gayle has joined the list. Cricket fans gather in Burdwan to see the Caribbean superstar. The crowd swelled to see him And the burdwan police station had to struggle to handle this crowd. On this day, Gayle came to the field and drove around the field in a hooded car. Then he stayed in the guest room for a while and left. But due to this overcrowding, there was chaos, so later he could not open his mouth in front of sangbad media

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