Young man surprised by cultivating three species of kul in the field

Raju Barman, a resident of Assam’s Dhupguri district, has cultivated three varieties of kul on his own 3 bighas of land. Raju Barman, a farmer, said the tree was planted nine months ago. These three species of kul are called Baukul, Applekul, Balsundari Kul. A total of Tk 80,000 was spent on his three bighas of land to cultivate kul. However, the yield of the tree has been very good. Some of the cool began to ripen again. Fruit wholesalers have started coming in to buy this cool. Raju Barman also said that he is currently selling wholesale at around Tk 40 per kg. Wholesalers have started coming not only from Assam but also from neighbouring West Bengal to buy this kul. He is also hoping to make a good profit by selling this cool. Goutam Das, a wholesale fruit seller, said that the demand for kul is quite good this year, among which the demand for apple kul and balsundari kul is the highest. The cool can be dried and stored for many days. A pair of chutneys and pickles with raw and dry cools. There are many elements including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium These elements play a role in the prevention of disease, as well as increase the body’s immune system

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