Siliguri is repeatedly facing problems with parking.

Day after day there are two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the parking zone in different areas of Siliguri. Despite being told repeatedly, the local administration is not able to control the outside vehicles. The problem of parking is increasing day by day in all places of Siliguri. In the last two years, this problem has increased almost three times. But the administration repeatedly Told and requested that no one park there.The number of cars in Siliguri has increased 5 times in the last three years. As a result, the traffic jam is increasing every day. The traffic jam problem has increased three times in various areas of Siliguri, especially in the market related areas. Every week, people are expressing their dissatisfaction with the traffic. The Mayor has also held many emergency meetings in Siliguri regarding the traffic. Even then this problem cannot be solved.But in the new year the mayor discussed with other MMICs of Siliguri and he himself claimed that from this year Siliguri will be completely free from traffic problems.

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