Talathi and Divisional Officer. They should keep their work safe and serve the people. – Jaipal Patil

Karjat = Talathi is an important link of the revenue department for farmers and citizens, they have to pass through mountains and forests in summer and rain. Therefore, karjat tehsil office has directed Talathi mandal officials and Kotwal to drive their vehicles safely so that everyone maintains their safety and someone is waiting for them at home. Raigarh Bhushan Jaipal Patil conducted the disaster management workshop on the orders of Karjat Khalapur District Officer Ajit Nairle. Office. Was held in the auditorium. Resident Deputy Tehsildar and Disaster Management Chief Sachin Raut, Raigad Bhushan Jaipal Patil, Deputy Tehsildar Sopan Bachkar, Trainee Deputy Tehsildar Amarsingh Jadhav, Yoga Teacher Deepa Ghevre were present on the dais. Advocate Gopal Shelke was present.
At the outset, Naib Tehsildar Sachin Raut showered flower petals on the guests. said in his introduction. Mahendra Kalyankar, our Konkan Commissioner in the district. Government employees should also be guided about disasters. Because it’s necessary. Disaster Management Expert and Collector Raigarh Disaster Authority Member Jaipal Patil. His knowledge is useful to all of us, the public and our families. Let’s take it today. Yoga teacher Deepa Ghevre started. Sitting in a chair for hours, all of us have our lives running. And there is always work trouble and tension with people. For this, it is necessary for everyone to do yoga for the protection of their body and mind, which has been going on in our country for a long time. By saying this, he performed 5 simple and easy asanas of yoga.Women talathis and all in the family such as dowry sacrifice, mental distress, problems about injustice being done to women in government offices. Advocate Gopal Shelke explained the provisions of the Acts to protect others. Valuable tips to keep marital life safe. Then at Jaipal Patil’s house. Household electrical appliances. Gas heater. A beat officer from Karjat police station was present when a call was made to demonstrate the use of Maharashtra Police’s 112 number for the safety of geyser women. 102 ambulances i.e. the doctor of the district sub-hospital to take the woman for delivery to the government hospital in the village where Talathi is working. As soon as Bansode got the call, the driver appeared with an ambulance. Talathi Zonal Officer. Where i got stuck in the rain. If you are facing power cuts, you should use the “Damini” app developed by the central government. This information was given. Beware of snakes and scorpions. For this. He also informed about the use of 108 ambulances in case of an accident. In the corner of the Panchayat Samiti for fire display. And if there is a small fire in the house, how to extinguish it. So Karjat calls the fire brigade. Mr. Pradeep Hire demonstrated to extinguish the fire with his luggage. for this program. 30 Talathi Mandal officials and Kotwals were present. Divisional Officer Rathore thanked him for the program

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