Bengali comics are roaming in the twenty-two yards of the book fair

In our childhood, social media was not growing. The lazy winter afternoons were spent in Feluda, Batul the Great Nonte font. Which is called a golden day in one word. However, this time, no matter how much foreign publishing companies try to dominate the 22 yards of the book fair, Bangla Comics is doing kamal. The demand for small little ones is Batul the Great, Feluda, Nonte Fonte, Keltu Da, etc. After filling the bag, they are taking home the books of Bangla comments. The book fair is the 14th festival of Bengalis, like other times, this year’s Kolkata Book Fair. This time the total number of gates in the book fair is nine, the book fair means the paradise of book lovers. And Bangla Comics is batting brilliantly in that paradise

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