Bhim’s partner is being brought to overcome his loneliness

Bhim does not want to live alone anymore, Bhim is the only rhino in the Siliguri Bengal Safari Park. This rhinoceros has been around since the beginning. He is getting depressed after being alone for a long time. That’s why the Bengal Safari Park authorities have taken the initiative to bring his partner. This is not the end, but a few more animals will be brought. Which includes lions, giraffes, black deer. These animals will actually enhance the tradition of Bengal Safari Park. Incidentally, the rhino had fought for his partner in the Mahananda Abhaya forest, where he was seriously injured. He had to leave the area because of the loss. He was then rescued and brought to The Bengal Safari Park. He was healed after treatment. Separate enclosures have been made for him. The Ganga has been named Bhim. The Bengal Safari Par authority has decided to bring bhim’s companion rhinoceros to overcome his loneliness

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