Pathan did business of Rs 400 crore, ashwamedha horse race continues

Bollywood is shaking up Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback picture. This film is doing great business not only in the country but also outside the country. Shah Rukh Khan’s pathan has thrown the whole world. Send a horse, nothing can be stopped. Pathan has been doing great business since day one. It has already done a business of Rs 400 crore. Pathan has secured the first place in terms of doing the most money business in Bollywood. Earlier, Dangal was the number one position in Bollywood in terms of doing the most business, leaving behind Dangal. Now it is to be seen whether pathan will get the title of the highest-grossing film in the country? Before Pathan, there are two south films kgf 2 at number 2, Bahubali 2 at number one. Time will tell if these two pictures can be overtaken or not

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