Did you know Durvas Rishi?


After Baahubali, a film based on mythological theories, some more historical films will be coming to the audiences in the future. The love story of Shakuntala and Dushyant Raja in Puranic times has been immortalized in the golden pages of history. Based on this, Gunasekhar directed movie ‘Shakuntalam’ is ready to meet the fans. Samantha Prabhu will be seen in the charming form of Shakuntale, while Dev Mohan will play the role of Dushyant Raja. The important character in this story is Durvasa Rishi… The secret of who will play Durvasa, who was called Shydyankopi at that time, has now been revealed. Dr. Mohan Babu’s photo in Durvas Rishi’s getup has been revealed recently. Mohan Babu is a great nut, and he will be seen playing Durvas in ‘Shakuntalam’.

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