A tanker caught fire in a chemical company


Two workers suffered severe burns, admitted to burn center in Airoli

Badlapur Badlapur Mankivali MIDC, Radiant Chemical Company, the incident happened on Thursday night when the tanker that came to unload chemicals caught fire. Two workers were seriously burnt in this fire incident. He was admitted to Burn Center Hospital, Airoli for treatment.

A highly flammable chemical called Tolut was loaded into a tanker for chemical processing at Radiant, a chemical company. As this chemical company was closed at night, three workers were kept to unload the tanker at that place. As this chemical is highly flammable, great care needs to be taken when transporting it and filling the flammable chemical into tanks inside the company. After the arrival of this tanker on Thursday, while filling the chemical in the tank of the company, the chemical suddenly caught fire. As the tanker’s volley of chemicals continued, the entire chemical burst into flames, including the company and the tanker inside the company.

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