World Progress of Swastika from India


Last year Swastika was 4 in the Youth World Rank, this year 1 Migrated to Women group in the world. The World Rank Women was 155 last few months before.

Now Swastika is preparing for Paris 2024 in collaboration with Government Development Schemes. Swastika requires Tactical Development for Winning the match against Chinese Japanese , also for overall development.

So Swastika took Tactical training from Yun Jun Liu, one of the best in the world (Tactical Expert)

Also Require to practice with Various different type of partner, so this training swastika getting from Thomas Wetzel of Germany Top Spin Academy, near Munich .

From 22 going to start WTT Feeder Tournament at Dusseldorf, which swastika taking Part, after that Swastika will be busy another week Practice with Germany National Women Team .

Swastika is doing rigorous training under the close observation of her father cum personal coach Mr Sandeep Ghosh, who is also with her this trip.

And doing hard work for her development

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