Messi again won the highest football title, Mbappe 2 Luka Modric 5


Like the final of the World Cup football, Messi once again won the title of the football of the year by defeating the nearest rival Mbappe. This time too, he was chosen as the best footballer over M Bape. Mbappe is in second place, Benzema is in third place, Luka Modric is in fifth place. Neymar is ranked 12th, Cristiano Ronaldo is in 51st place. Every year, the English news agency Guardian publishes a list of the first 100 best footballers. In 2022, they have published the world’s best 100 footballers. Messi is in number one place there. However, the list of FIFA Footballer of the Year has not yet been published. There is also the question of whether Messi will get the highest place

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