Good beginning of the drama festival at Dinabandhu Mancha


Mayor Gautam Deb inaugurated the ‘Devshankar’ drama festival in the five evenings dedicated to the North Bengal Cultural Council. Debshankar Halder, a prominent personality of the drama world of West Bengal, was present at the inaugural ceremony. Besides, there are other drama personalities. The event started on Saturday evening at The Dinabandhu Mancha. The festival was inaugurated by The Mayor of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Gautam Deb. North Bengal is famous for its dramas. The people of Siliguri also love to watch dramas. The mayor’s appeal is for everyone to watch the movie as well as the drama. Love the drama. The popularity of the play will increase when there is a crowd. A large number of drama lovers from Siliguri were present at the inauguration ceremony

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