Home Remedies for Adenovirus Infections According to Doctor’s Advice


Everyone between the ages of 8 and 80 is getting sick with the change of seasons. Many people are suffering from many problems including cold and cough. A.Dino virus is grown in Children are more affected by the virus in cities and suburbs. The situation in Calcutta is particularly encouraging. The number of sick children admitted to children’s wards in various hospitals in Kolkata is increasing.On Saturday, the Health Director held a meeting to monitor the situation. Pediatricians say the sudden increase in the virus may actually be due to a mutation in the virus’s genes that has made the virus so active. Treatment at home

1 Liquid diet containing ORS should be given in case of infection with this virus.

2 The temperature should be monitored periodically.
3 If fever increases, medicines like paracetamol can be given as per doctor’s advice.

4 In case of difficulty in breathing, take to the hospital immediately, if there is an oxygen supply system at home, give oxygen at home. 5 If children under two years of age are infected with adenovirus, it is important to wear a mask, avoid crowding.

Doctors often say that if you have a physical illness that lasts more than three days, you should see a doctor, in which case home treatment can be dangerous.

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