Indian rescue team praises Turkey, good luck to India, the video is viral in the net world


A couple of weeks ago, a terrible earthquake shook Turkey and Syria, and large buildings were reduced to rubble. Many lives were lost due to this disaster. A rescue team was sent from India, the mission was named Dost Mission. The Indian rescue team did a great job, rescuing many people alive from the rubble.Turkey has gradually dealt with the disaster. This time it is the turn of the Indian rescue forces to return from Sunday. The people of Turkey are full of praise for the Indian rescuers. They wished India a lot. He said good luck to India. The video has already gone viral in the net world.A common man in Turkey said he felt very helpless after the earthquake, but the way the Indian rescue team stood by him was really admirable. Incidentally, after the earthquake disaster in Turkey, a large amount of relief goods were sent from India to Turkey along with a rescue team, along with four trained dogs.

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