The wait is over, Messi is the FIFA World Player of the Year


This time, Argentina became the FIFA World Cup football champion by Messi’s hand. All that was left was to announce the FIFA Footballer of the Year. Messi took that title. Messi was chosen as the best footballer of the year by FIFA in Paris on Monday night. Incidentally, there were two others in this race, Benzema and Mbappe. However, Messi won the title of the world’s best footballer by defeating these two people. Messi fans are naturally overjoyed.Argentina has become the World Cup football champion this time with the hand of Lionel Messi, Argentina has to wait for a long time. Incidentally, Messi was in great form in the World Cup this year. Football lovers are fascinated by the variety of his game. This time he won the title of the best football player in the world and impressed the football lovers more.

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